Food Served:

Monday-Saturday: 12.00 till 7.30pm

Sunday Lunch 12 till 3.30pm

Starters and Sharers

Soup of The Day £4.50 Hearty homemade soup served with white or brown bread and butter

Classic Prawn Cocktail £4.50 Prawns served on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber, smothered in Marie Rose sauce with a wedge of lemon and brown bread

Nachos (v) (vg) £4.95 Spicy nachos topped with salsa and jalapenos, smothered with melted cheese served with sour cream

Nachos with Chilli (v) (vg) £5.95 Our regular nachos topped with our homemade beef chilli or spicy bean chilli smothered in cheese.


All served with crisp iceberg lettuce and tomato in a bun with chips

1/4lb beefburger £7.95 Veggie burger (v) (vg) £7.95 1/4lb Chilli Burger £8.95 Chicken Breast burger £9.95


Fried onions, Salsa, Bbq sauce, Jalapenos, Sweet chilli sauce,Cheese, Bacon, Fried egg, All toppings £1.00


Homemade Beef Lasagne £8.95  topped with cheese sauce and served with chips and peas

Homemade Chilli Con Carne £8.95 Spicy beef chilli served with your choice of chips or basmati rice, (or both for 50p extra)

Jordan's Chicken Curry £8.95 Chunks of chicken in Jordan's secret spicy curry sauce served with chips or basmati rice (or both for 50p extra)

Vegetarian Option

Veggie Lasagne (v) £8.95 Layers of vegetables and pasta in our rich tomato sauce topped with cheese sauce

Spicy Bean Chilli (v) (vg) £8.95 Hot and spicy and served with chips or basmati rice (or both for 50p extra)

Vegetable Curry (v) (vg) £8.95 Sweet Potato and spinach in a medium curry sauce served with chips or basmati rice (or both for 50p extra)

Fish Dishes

Beer Battered Fish'n'Chips £8.95 Freshly battered fish fillet with real ale batter served with chips, peas, tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon

Scampi ( made from reformed scampi) £8.95 Golden scampi pieces served with chips, peas, tartare sauce and a wedge of lemon

Fishcakes £8.95 Two fishcakes served with chips, peas, sweet chilli sauce and a wedge of lemon

From the Grill

Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast £9.25 Chicken breast dusted with cajun spices and served with chips and sour cream

Smothered Chicken £9.95 Grilled chicken breast topped with two slices of bacon, BBQ sauce & smothered in cheese served with chips

Chicken Fajitas £9.95 Grilled chicken strips seasoned with fajita spices, onions and peppers and served with two tortilla wraps, sour cream, salsa and chips. (choose rump steak for £2.00)

10oz Horseshoe Gammon Steak £10.95 Grilled gammon steak with your choice of pineapple or fried egg with chips and peas

8oz Rump Steak £11.95 Grilled to your liking and served with grilled tomato, onion rings, peas and chips


Tortilla wrap filled with your choice of:

Hot Chilli Chicken £7.95 Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo £7.95

Ham, Cheese, Pineapple and mayo £7.95

Ham £7.95

Cheese, pineapple and mayo £7.95

Vegan Cheese and Pineapple £7.95

All served with chips


Cheese £6.95

Ham £6.95

Tuna Mayo £6.95

Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce £8.95

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo £7.95

Sausage and Onion £7.95

Steak and Onion £8.95

All served with chips


Garlic Bread £2.95

Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.50

Chips £2.95

Cheesy Chips £3.25

Pepper Sauce £3.25

Gravy £2.95

Onion Rings £3.25

Jacket Potato with butter £3.50

House Salad £3.50 

Kids Menu

All served with chips or smiley faces, beans or peas:

Burger beef or veggie
Chicken Nuggets
Fish Fingers
Cheese and Tomato Pizza

All £4.50

Customer Information

(v) = vegetarian
(vg) = vegan

Our dishes may contain one or more of the following: Peanuts, Nuts, Shellfish, Cereals & other allergens. Cooking Oil produced from Soya, Bean Oil, G.M. Soya. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff.

All Steak & Burger weights are approximate, uncooked weights that may reduce during the cooking process.